Nov 26, 2013

Blog Is Moving

Blog migration to wordpress platform and espivblogs community. Looks like we don't fit to google's policies anymore.
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Thank You, sorry for the extra work!

Nov 18, 2013

Siglo XX (discography)

Μέρος της δυνατής coldwave σκηνής του Βελγίου στις αρχές του 80, έβγαλαν το πρώτο single για να  συνεχίσουν μέχρι και το 89.Με επιρροές από Joy Division ,ξερά post-punk drums και darkwave πλήκτρα προσεγγίζουν μέχρι και τη βαριά ατμόσφαιρα του Nick Cave κάνοντας ετσι τα άλμπουμ τους να ξεχωρίζουν....

-Siglo XX (1981)
-Answer 12'' MLP (1983)
-Live sides (1984)
-In the garden silent house (1984)
-Re-Released '80-'82 (1985)
-Antler tracks i (1987)
-Antler tracks ii (1987)
-Flowers for the rebels(1987)
-View of the weird 12' (1987)
- Fear and desire (1988)
-Under a purple sky(1989)

Nov 15, 2013

deathrock athens meetup 16/11

IMPORTANT NEWS! listen up ghouls and ghoulettes, BIG deathrock meetup tomorrow at 18.30. Kallidromiou 94.

ΑΥΡΙΟ! σημαντικο ανοιχτο μαζεμα της αθηνεζικης ντεθροκ κοινοτητας,εφ'όλης της ύλης, 18.30 η ωρα στη λεσχη καλλιδρομιου.
οσοι γουσταρετε ερχεστε,είτε μας ξερετε είτε όχι, ακόμα κ αν το μονο που θέλετε είναι να παίξετε μουσική σε κάποιο από τα επόμενα παρτυ. θα συζητηθουν τα πάντα, που θα παει αυτή η ιστορία, τα φεστιβάλ που ακολουθούν, μουσικές, ζειν, το φόρουμ σαν μέσο επικοιωνίας, ανοιχτά εξωτερικα παρτυ κ.λπ.

Oct 10, 2013

Tango Mangalore - Songs That Proclaimed Solitude.Ep

(wave noir - darkwave - decadent cabaret - greece 2013)

In this Ep Tango Mangalore goes bitter on the world just before he embarks another vessel leaving behind him songs that make your tummybox feel broken and funny and songs that proclaim solitude.A nice sample of music that comes from an obsolete heart filled with cigarette filters and coil....that's the awful truth to it .
Enjoy and feel free to reblog and download .

01. Tango Mangalore - When Blue Turns Red
02. Tango Mangalore - Irregular Sonnet
03. Tango Mangalore - The Rise And Fall Of The Supreme Sinner

Sep 25, 2013

va - community deathrock playlist vers.8

Okay folks, here it is... 6 months after our last check-in, the members of the community/forum have been busy posting, and after some effort it has amounted to this. Only now, we're much focused on the gems of the past as it is for whatever reason and much less nu music than last time. But -rest assured- you can tell them apart cause this time we've added chronological dating to nearly all the damn songs. SO this time we're covering the time period of posting between 29.10.2012 27.09.13 ,
and pages 48-58 of the forum thread found here...
People who've grabbed the last versions will probably already know it's a mixed &awkward situtation, we're compiling mostly obscurities from past&present along with much deserved dancfloor fillers in over than a data CD's worth of music-133 songs-738 Mb's -SOOO much knowledge....Anyway, you're probably ALREADY DEAD so here goes nothing....

 ATTENTION. Fuck American power. Fuck Russian power. Fuck British power.
Fuck all power.
ATTENTION. These ignorant shits arm themselves for annihilation and call it world peace.

Pacified. Classified.
Keep in line. You're doing fine.
Lost your voice? There ain't no choice.
Play the game. Silent and tame.
Be the passive observer, sit back and look
At the world they destroyed and the peace that they took.
Ask no questions, hear no lies
And you'll be living in the comfort of a fool's paradise.

You're already dead, you're already dead,
You're already dead, you're already dead.

If you're the passive observer, here's a message for you...
You're already dead, You're already dead.
Afraid to do what you know you should do...
You're already dead, You're already dead.
The world's at the edge of nuclear destruction,
But your too afraid to make the connection.
You still believe the system's there for your protection...
You're already dead, You're already dead.

You're already dead, you're already dead,
You're already dead, you're already dead.