May 5, 2012

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Deathrock Greece Exclusive
12 Mutants We Love: Greek dark Underground Sampler vol.1 3E (2 for 5)
All the Pretty Little Mutants: The Greek dark Underground vol.2 5E (2 for 8)
Eyaculaccion Post Mortem 2005 "De Los Muertos Y Sus Costumbres" 12E
Mani Deum 2008 "Infected Blessings" 12E  (no longer available)
Last Drive 2008 "Time Is Not Important" 14E  (no longer available)
Lost Bodies 2008 "The End Of Time" Lmtd Edn14E  (greek experimental/instro) (no longer available)
Mighty Shakers "Demos 2001-5 "Ep (greek garagepunk)
The Crazed 2009 "Moonlight's Out" 8E  (15 w T-shirt) (greek psychobilly)
The Sadomazombies 2007 "S&M Anthems "2 E (greek psychobilly)
The SVM's 2010 "Anthology Of Howls" 2e (greek political punk,dr)
Molotov Bombs - S/t 2011 anarkopunk 2e

Metro Decay 2008 reissue 7' "Keimilia/Skies" 7E  (no longer available)
Hands of Cain 2008 reissue LP "The Only Sound" 17E  (no longer available)
Anti 2011 reissue EIRKTI  (no longer available) 10e
The Crazed - Black Skies Roll 2012 Includes CD 9e 

Gay Anniversary 2011 "New In Class" 3 e
Headestroyers 2012 Demo2ε
Flesh United 2011 Demo 3e (no longer available)

The Crazed E 10E (15 with CD) 2 designs
We Came From Waters 5E
Fast Money Music  White 2 E Many Designs
13th Moon Logo 3 Euros

DRGR (Black/or White bckgrnd)
Fast Money Music
Athens Decay

Deathrock #1,2 6E
Drop Dead Magazine #0,1,2,3,4 7E
Unstrung #1,2 Comic Zine1E
Negligent Romantix #1 Comic Zine Greek 2E
Aytomato #1, #2    Greek Political & Music Analysis 2 E

PATCHES- band logos & animal print (0.50 minimum and as much as you think it's worth)
Alien Sex Fiend
Le Tigre
Undying Love (Phantom Of the Opera:Horror Patch)
The Adicts
Chumbawamba "Never Mind The Ballots"
Crass (logo)
The Phantom Limbs
Crass :"Fight War Not Wars"
The Cramps
Batcave (With or Without Bat)
Christian Death
Klaus Nomi
Zombie Ghost Train
Corpus Delicti
Deathrock logo
Los Carniceros Del Norte
Skeletal Family
The Vanishing
Black Flag "IIII"

Prices are suggestive not final. Send mail and we see.
Patches are made on black, white or red fabric. Paint is black, white, red or green. Animal print as seen in Photos.
Pic Gallery Soon
PAtches soon- Part1, X-mal Deutchland, Gothic Punk, Paralisis Permanente...

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