May 4, 2012

She Past Away (dark wave TUR 2010)

These are our great gothic rock neighbours from Turkey. Someone please bring them here immediately. The sound is true 80's , kinda Sister-esque but no Cassandra bullshit.  And they build some serious atmospheres with their synths and effects. Cold dark wave indeed. 5 stars
Last fm says these trivia.
"She Past Away is a new wave / post punk band from Bursa, the opposite shore of the Marmara, formed by Volkan Caner (vocal/guitar) and Idris Akbulut (bass) in 2006. With the live participation of Doruk Ozturkcan in electronic drums, the band was totally shaped by the end of 2009.
Clashing gothic lyrics with buzzsaw guitars, allegedly broken vocals and sensory drum effects, the band evokes the cavernous experiments of darkwave era with the likes of The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Suicide.

After a long demo-recording session, in 2009, the duo joined to Remoov Records in which they began to work on their debut release with Süpermatik.

The common characteristic of their live performances is that they combine their well-positioned rawk tunes and harsh textures with paranoia-inducing industrial visuals, which are created by Asli Narin.
Mixed and mastered by Süpermatik, the debut album is going to be out in May, ."

 01. Sanri
04.Kasvetli kutlama
08.Kemir Beni
10.Ice Kapanis

08-05-2013 D/L no longer available here due to this e-mail we received from their label (dead scarlet/fabrika records) asking us to remove the link to promote sales. Sorry, everyone.

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