Oct 17, 2010

it's compilation time!!

it's about time,
ghouls and grrrrls!

the new compilation by death rock greece is about to explode!
a brilliant mix of the greek dark-and-not-so dark underground,it will involve active participation by memebrs of the community and bands alike...
all the pretty little mutants, the greek dark underground vol2

if you happen to know of any obscure greek bands thats are still playing, and you think that our radar has missed them, please make your suggestions fast...Speed is of the essence here
so G(r)EEK BAND SUGGESTIONS for the new compilation is hat we need from you
and remember, commUnity work is what saves the scene...

we believe you will do your best to serve your master:)
kisses from the Beyond...

1 comment:

  1. Anoptron (project of thodoris from Genia tou Xaous) and Phoenix Catscratch!