Aug 12, 2011


Outstanding Deathrock Beast From The Far East!!
For the very first time in Greece come and witness the decadently twisted †13th MOON† circus freaks and dance, two night of horror Friday, the 9th / 9 in Thessaloniki on 8ball live stage and Saturday 10 / 9 in Athens, Seven Sins Club.

†13th MOON†
is a Deathrock/Dark Punk band,finding from the deep dungeon of foggy grave in somewhere in Tokyo,Japan. Formed on 2006. They are one of the 1st new generation deathrock bands created in Japan since the Japanese “Positive Punk” movement of the 80’s~90’s (spearheaded by legendary bands like Auto-Mod, Madame Edwarda, Phaidia etc.), bringing renewed theatrics and darkness to the genre.​thmoonx

In Thessaloniki, in the openning act will appeare the Electro Vampires, a band that you cannont easyly indintify its music gern as it is difficult to give an identity to a Vampire.​ctrovampires

Let’s dance to the death!!

8ball Club .
Pindou 1, ladadika, Thessaloniki

Seven Sins Club
Themistokleous & Gambeta 5, Kanigos Squeare, Athens
Metro- Omonia Station

Thessaloniki event facebook
Athens event facebook

Thessaloniki event
Athens event

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