Oct 8, 2011

dildos - demo 2007 (JAP psychobilly)

japanese psychobilly

In 2007, they released a split ep (psycho maniax) with battle of ninjamanz, another japanese psychobilly band. Now let me tell you about japanese psychobilly. If you haven't heard already, the japs are taking the genre one step further, it is a speedfreak fest-not always good i admit- and most of the bands also give a lot of emphasis on stage presence.. Well, the DILDOS take all this just one more step beyond.. A psycho theatre on stage, they wear dresses, costumes, clown noses (sound KLINGONZ-y? well it is) and whatever lunacy  (check the youtube vids) and their sound is also quite different.. Inheriting some strong post-punk vibes, the bass is always in the front, with the literally psycho vocals..just listen to awakening vibrate, a soon to be classic track in the psycho playlists...The dildos make the cut , amongst the rest of the jap psycho-punkabilly bands... stick with them..

Inside the download are the 2 songs of the split ep, 2 songs from the demo, and one song from Plan X from the Far East (2010)


Stay sick guys, and remember, wherever you are going, there you are...


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