Oct 18, 2011

Sleeping Children - Lullabies For Debauchery (FR DR)

Sleeping Children - Lullabies For Debauchery (2004)

Right after the split-up of his band named Regard in 2002, Sap~hire set up Sleeping Children. (which name refers to children, that is to say to carefreeness and sleep, in a single word to ephemeral protection) But this is only during February 2003 that Sap~hire met Murmur, the first singer, during a gothic party washed down with plenty of alcohol. Crepuscule, the band first guitarist, joined Sleeping Children right after the first rehearsals. In May, the band recorded In Vivo Test. Although this first demo was far from being perfect, it allowed the band to become quite known and to do its first shows.

In Vivo test was released on the 20th of June 2003, which was also the date of Sleeping Children first show (in Reims, FR). Unfortunately, Murmur and Crépuscule left the band the day after the show. The few copies of In Vivo test were sold quite quickly and Sap~hire decided to allow the download of the three songs taken from the CD via the bands website. Then, the band devoted itself to shows and the recording of a new demo which will finally, never be released. In March 2004, after a gig in Erlangen (DE), 4 replacing members left the band, and Sap~hire was the only survival.

Even though many believed that the band is dead and buried , Sap~hire announced, only one week after, a new formation: Original singer Murmur is back, while Lois John Slut is the new guitarist. Sap~hire now plays bass and synths. Without loosing time, Sleeping Children recorded in April 2004 Automatic Mass Amnesia, released on the 7th of May, and the same day, the still unsigned band started a mini-tour and played in Noisiel (FR), Basel (CH, opening for Antiworld), London (UK, Opening for Antiworld), Nancy (FR), Nijmegen (NL) and Pisa (IT).
Some days after, the band signed a record deal with Strobelight Records and started the recording of its debut album, called “Lullabies for Debauchery”.

“Lullabies for Debauchery” was released by Strobelight Records on November 8, 2004. Strobelight did a great promotional work for the album, and the band appeared on many prestigious magazines worldwide. (Gothic, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Elegy, Black Magazin, Transmission etc) The band took the road in order to promote their album, and played in UK, France, Germany, Austria as well with a fabulous headliner-tour in Poland with bands as such as Miguel & the Living Dead and The Deathcamp Project. In May 2005, Sleeping Children played in front of an amazing 2000 persons crowd at the well known Wave Gotik Treffen Festival.

One month later, Sap~hire and Lois decided that Murmur must go away due to some human problems, but the three guys stayed great friends. They are still nowadays.
After some auditions, Sleeping Children chose an amazing young singer called Romeo. After more shows, SC wrote news songs in winter 2005, but the band decided to take an undetermined pause.

01. No love for the dead
02. Love sucks
o3. Murderer´s dance
04. Dusty shades of red
05. Poppies screen the light
06. Life of vice
07. Couve bien les cris près du coeur
08. Lili´s dead
09. Between your legs
10. Lullabies for debauchery

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