Nov 16, 2011

Va- Never Trash A Pretty Face (1986 punk post punk)

Excellent lo-fi DIY compilation from Greece,released in Thessaloniki, in 1986, through the Rollin Under fanzine and the radio station Radio Utopia. Musically it varies from late 70s-early 80s punk/anarcho punk with greek lyrics,garage punk, to post punk sounds and some minimal synth.

A1 Keli 13 - Ploio Stasiastwn
A2 Keli 13 - Mavra yalia
A3 Aganaktismeni Polites - Mesos Anthropos
A4 Aganaktismeni Polites- Favlos Kiklos
A5 Venericna Bolest - Piriniko Katafigio
A6 Venericna Bolest - Antithourios
A7 Allothi - Pente Lepta Prin
A8 Adreas Troussas & Aprosopoi - Na se kala

B1 After Death - The Exorcist
B2 After Death - The Birth of Darkness
B3 Final Solution - Point of View
B4 Final Solution - Trip
B5 Red Fuzz - Faraway
B6 Red Fuzz - That Love
B7 Drowned Girl - Electric Dog
B8 Apontes "Filoi" - Aimomixias paidia Latremena

Get it here!!download|773|2401650149||44778

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