Jan 23, 2012

Leitmotiv (Uk) - 1983-4 7'' (UK dark punk/deathrock)

Well, it seems like megaupload is now down. Since it's been serving as our main uploading site, we 'll try to re-upload our stuff elsewhere. It seems like the internet as we know it will change due to the corporation lesgislating laws. It is time for us to motivate... But for now...


 Post punkers from Sheffield (UK) ----------------
North of England goth band, with a four-man line-up consisting of Simon Asquith (vocals & guitar), Steve Shepley (keyboards), Dean Woodhead (bass) and Paul Asquith (drums). ’Silent Run’ should be a post punk classic, otherwise ’(Living in a) Tin’ is more synth/wave oriented, and here is a version remixed from the mini album ’Caress And Curse’. They realeased two excellent singles "Silent Run" in 1984 and "To the Suffering" in 1985 and the richly textured instant mini-album "Caress and Curse". Then, the line-up changed and Louie replaced the bassist Dean Woodhead. They released a maxi-single 12" "Big Money" in 1986.

This is excellent guitar & drum driven old scool dark punk. It isn;t made like this anymore.

1983 to the suffering 7''

01 - To the Suffering
02 - The gift of Life

1984 living in a tin 7''

01 - (Living in A) Tin
02 - Silent Run


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