Apr 20, 2012

pol pot - whole mistery (2011 post punk)

This is another one of the nice batch of new bands from spain. I don't know if you remember a massive blog post  going around full of suggestions from the new dark scene 2011 and 2012 and links to download called "va- the new thing", but this was one of them. They play a bizarroguitaropost punk full of aggressiveness, sort of like monozid but not exactly. They also are of the nice people that care for the scene, and actually sent us their lp as a suggestion (yeah, kids, thats how you create a healthy scene, by being nice to each other and sharing, the uptight gothness never helped anyone. noone likes real life divas, just the onstage ones:).Also, thank you Pol Pot, for the great cover of eisbar originally by grauzone, they added guitars and a harsh vocal, and it really raised the track above the minimal stanndard this is now - it's the last track on this lp.So...
01 - this area
02 - what you are
03 - mist of passion
04 - the one
05 - whole mistery
06 - we need lasers
07 - riding the storm
08 - time must die
09 - eisbar


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