Jun 8, 2012

Larve & Bestial Mouths (2010 synthpunk CRO/ USA)

to most of you these two bands are already old news. Larve from croatia -basically a riot girl/mutant synth band- went and split after this ep to form another band...and Bestial Mouths from Cali already have some new releases after hissing veil and are headlining this year's drop dead festival. But the sound and the renovation they bring to the synth table (so full of boring minimal and bad screamers clones)  is so much noticeable that we had to have them here.Each band of these 2 deserves to have it;s individual release and infos and everything but seeing that this is the last upload of this blog before the dreaded summer break, we wanted to cram in  as much music as possible...So ..play it again, Sam.

 Bestial Mouths - Hissing Veil (Dais Records)320kbps
02-Weaving Mirror
03-Slow Slicing
04-Small Prey
09-Shimmering Ills
11-Hissing Veil
12-Yes A Great Silence Is Waiting
13-Flew Up In Birds
14-Rattling The Teeth


Larve - S/t EP (256kbps)
01. larve - list (leaf)
02. larve - bubimir
03. larve - razum (mind)
04. larve - splur (splurge)
05. larve - tuberkuloza (tuberculosis)

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