Oct 29, 2012

Community d X r playlist vers 7.0

Once again, we meet here. Firstly thank you all, for a great halloween party. The place couldn't fit us all.
 This small entry here is our regular (averagely once per 6 months) dump of the community member's choices for the dark wave, deathrock, mutant, avant-garde,goth, punk and generally relative playlist found here

[pages 40 - 48 of the forum....time period...14.05.2012 - 29.10.2012]

So, this is our concept for how radio should work. Communally. No authorities.No know-it-all's producers. No intermediates. We got more people posting these few months, so it's a bit over 700 mb's of mp3's....and mind you , in this version all songs have dates so you know what you 're listening to, and are in the highest quality we could find them. But i'm not making any promises for next time, maybe next time it will be all from youtubedownloader:) This time we've got a great balance going between the good old 80's post-punk past and very very new music 2011and 12, very few of the classics and lots of new unknown bands for you hipster obscurities lovers to discover. and, keep in mind, all this is intended as suggestions, if you like the music, go buy the records, support the bands and the scene.

So, have a nice Halloween with this music to keep you company, keep posting, and treat this world as your stage- you each deserve it!

give no shits, take no orders, smash the prisons and the borders

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