Dec 6, 2012

Mekrokiev - Mimetismo Vol1 (dr, MEX 2012)

 Well, we know we've (for a long time now)promised you a big playlist from the latin d x r spanish speaking escena... Instead you're getting an article about it in the next "bats & cockroaches" zine and now,this download. For the playlist you 'll have to wait a bit more :)
But today's item, well it's one of the best new things going on... Remember mekrokiev (distante) from the last version of the community's choices? They were good enough to send us this copy of their last release, and it is the best cover collection in the gothic rock field that we've listened since a long time...And they are really proving what we've pretty much known for these last few years...mexico is really the place to be if you're into deathrock these days. These guys got both the look, the skills and the (haunted?evil?)-anyway quite unique and memorable front vocals. And track by track they are adding to their already full(2 LP's,1 EP and now this!) discography, very much to our delight... Here,they made the drowning a bit more powerful, added much "evilness" to temple of love (must listen) and I was glad to see a bit of meddling in politics with V...
Also a must for dj's, wanting to spin different cover versions of overplayed-but-still-good songs (another way of saying shatter is excellente).

 01 Shine on (House of Love)
02 Pet Sematary (The Ramones)
03 The Drowning (Christian Death)
04 Shatter (London after Midnight)
05 Vendetta
06 Subterfuge (Rosetta Stone)
07 Levitation (Garden of Delight)
08 Zodiac (Christian Death)
09 Temple of Love (The Sisters of Mercy)
10 Whatever makes you happy (Girls under glass)
"take me where there exist other colours
guide me where life won't separate us
take me where death won't catch us
where logic will never meet us"

Stay sick!

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