Feb 26, 2013

Mourning Noise - Death Trip Delivery (1981-1985) Horrorpunk USA

reblog from obscuro!

This is an eery MISFITS clone band from the SAME TOWN (Lodi, NJ) as the Misfits, and not only that, but from the SAME STREET and the SAME ERA.

A big complaint of Misfits fans is obviously that once Danzig left, the music fell way off....and since only recently are the guys all becoming friends again, it's not likely that we'll hear the OG Misfits put out something new for quite a bit of time. Sooo, in the meantime, you can listen to this band's anthology release, which is basically a lost Misfits album from the 80's. It has the same style, production, everything. If anything, it's a little tighter musically than the original Misfits. Shit, apparently Danzig even drew their record cover! Plus they're covering runaway in a ramones reminding way,how cool is that...

1. Nestle Baby Killer
2. Death in a White Cloud
3. Crimson Carrie
4. Mr. Surveillance
5. Progress for the People
6. Monster Madness
7. Murder Machine
8. Empty Grave
9. Monster Madness
10. Vincent's Theme
11. Underground Zero
12. Barbarian Hunt
13. Dawn of the Dead
14. Fighting Chance
15. Laser Lights
16. My Demon Eyes
17. Addiction
18. Monster Madness
19. Vincent's Theme
20. Underground Zero
21. Foolish Grief
22. Progress for the People (Live)
23. Fighting Chance (Live)
24. Vincent's Theme (Live)
25. Laser Lights (Live)
26. Sergio (Live)
27. Addiction (Live)
28. My Demon Eyes (Live)
29. Radical (Live)
30. Crimson Carrie (Live)
31. Dawn of the Dead (Live)
31.?? Runaway
32. Monster Madness (Live)
32.?? Runaway (Instrumental)



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