May 16, 2013

Tango Mangalore - Aquatico Triste (2013 demo dark Gr)

This is Part 1 of a series of uploads we ll do welcoming the summer. A Project of a friend, the mighty bazooka, tango mangalore is a sea beast that will devour your soul without a second thought. You gotta love the effort and the soul put into these songs, given that it is a one -man-project that just had its first live appearance in the anywave minifest at zero.
These mutant songs on dead sailors will haunt your mind till you decide to go down with yer ship! AHoy!

1.Tango Mangalore - Intro (dead icelandic saga)
2.Tango Mangalore - Logic Obscene
3.Tango Mangalore - Kinker
4.Tango Mangalore - 98 Moon (...and he screams muerto)
5.Tango Mangalore - Not Dead But Sleepeth

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  1. New song : When Blue Turns Red

    download it here :