Jun 17, 2013

va - Darksurf (Surf 2010)

black metal surf
trve kvlt 1960s surf music
va Darksurf compilation


Okay, so this not an official release of any kind. This blog has not as yet  supported metal of any kind and nor IT will . BUT! These are surf covers of popular black metal songs going around the internet under various vague rumours that bands such as burzum and darkthrone went around and remixed their own songs as surf. Well, that's utter bullshit, this was an internet fad started from youtube channels of Mr Meddled and riboflavinmusic. These channels have been discontinued but the idea lives on through trve kvlt 1960s surf music and various other users (congrats guys).Here I've added various metal surf tracks i encountered as well, like glitter dicks cover of slayer.
Black metal riffs lend themselves surprisingly well to surf guitar, given both genres insistance on tremolo picking. In some cases it sounds like you could pretty much just slow down a black metal riff and take out the distortion for instant and eerie surf rock. It is strange and also haunting dirty surf, worth a listen, even without the metal knowledge to appreciate the covers.
I ve added the flavour texts the original user wrote as an addendum to the upload. They are very funny to afficionados of metal music and people who know who there bands are (apparently)..

So with "dark" surf being the third and last part of our summer uploads, we bid you a long good, uneventful summer! Stay tuned for infos on parties and whatnot.

Los Mortems - Mermanthropes
Satyricon - Mother's surfing north
the beherits - the surf of nanna
The Burzums - Black Wave of Destruction
the burzums - dunkelheit
The Burzums - Ea, Lord of the Waves
the burzums - war
the darkthrones - californian hunger
the darkthrones - cromlech
the emperors - i am the surf wizards
the immortals - lifeguards
the mayhems - surfin moon
the nargoroths - abschiedsbrief des prometheus
Glitter Dick - Surfin' with Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss)