May 11, 2010

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edit: 27/8/2012

A Comprehensive list of greek bands in the dark underground-generally, intended as music suggestions to people from abroad, a bit on the hipster-side oriented, although the classics are included... Bands without descriptions are closer to d x r than others.

hands of cain
stained veil
fear condition
yell o yell
alice in a nightmare
leyki simfonia
rehearsed dreams
statues in motion
virgin web
south of no north
pickman's model
in trance 95 - minimal
horis perideraio - avant garde
villa 21
nudos ahora
ding an sich - dark wave
film noir - dark wave
noise promotion company - post punk
moist device - postpunk
magic de spell - postpunk
not only bones - synthpunk
headleaders - new wave
buttonholes sa - synthpunk
slow motion - darkwave

abra macabra
some internal damage
syndrome 94
victory collapse - punk/funk
phoenix catscratch - postpunk
mani deum -neo folk
the crazed - psychobilly &horrorpunk
odos 55 - synthpunk
rattler proxy - minimal
the exetix - synthpunk
:skull & dawn - neofolk
human puppets - minimal
we came from waters - postpunk
wave tank -new wave
the grimes -postpunk
pandhmia - anarchopunk of the criteria was that bands had to have released or recorded some stuff, not just one track in a compilation somewhere....

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