Dec 12, 2011

Ding An Sich - Old As Forever...New As Tomorrow (GR dark wave 2000)

One of the best greek darkwave records out there!! Their myspace page says this..
 ..First Chapter (1987 - 1991).. ..Ding An Sich was formed in 1987 in Athens - Greece. Their first formation included: Nick Sarikostas - bass , George Polizos - drums , Takis Merekos - voice , and a guitarist whose name is forgotten. He was replaced by Dimitris Papalakis just a while before the recordings for the first single were about to start... ..In 1989 a 7 inch single named And / Wandering was released. In 1990 Vagelis Bekonopoulos joined the group as keyboardist. During that period, the guitarist Tasos Nomikos , replaced D. Papalakis. From 1988 until 1991, the band recorded the tracks which formed their first complete work named Old As Forever.New As Tomorrow. During this period, they performed some live shows too.. the most remarkable of which are with Paul Roland and The Damned... ..Second Chapter (1993 - 1996).. ..This period is distinguished for the substantial changes as far as the formation is concerned, but also their direction. Ding An Sich sustain as studio project only. The trinity consists of: Maria Batistatou - voices , George Ginis - Various / Effects , Nick Sarikostas - Programming / Keyboards , Some good friends of the band, offered a helping hand, and the album The Wanderer & His Shadow was released at the dawn of 1996... ..
The band bio continues and the band is still active but changed to other genres now..

Alos available through Capp Records- Exarhia - themistokleou str!

1 A Hollow Image Of Fulfilled Desire 5:51
2 Little Screaming Animal 4:33
3 Tears Of The Angel 4:48
4 Wandering 4:49
5 Our Name Is Melancholy 6:20
6 You Told Me "I'm So Tired" 6:39
7 And....... 5:07
8 When Tears Have Eyes 3:26
9 Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand 6:57
10 Where Lovers Burn 4:18
11 Evening Wind 3:50
12 Winter Tree 5:30
13 Land Of Glory 5:47
14 Staying Back To Continue The Show 4:34


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