Jan 6, 2012

Morning - November the 17th (2009 post punk)

Утро -  Семнадцатое Ноября  (2009 EP)
Utra- simnadzataye nayibria or Morning - November Seventeenth
&& Утро- Утро(2010 LP)

This is maybe the fastest guitar driven post/punk i 've ever laid ears on...Very close to deathrock, i wish i knew what the lyrics were about...or why greece's date for the beggining of the end of the junta era is important to them! The guys from Motorama play here...it is their side project. What more can i say- get this, yesterday...

ps.i have included the more watered down selftitled record too... It's got a better (studio) production...but listen to the ep first..trust me.

01 Острог
02 Ритуал
03 Силуэт
04 Туман
05 Квадрат


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