Jan 1, 2012

Monozid - Say Hello to Artificial Grey & Bootblacks (2010 Ger post/punk)

This come straight form the band itself, folks, and these guys got it together!
Leipzig-based Monozid have been playing since 2003, and they've become
quite the experts in post punk sounds. 
They are also quite dedicated to keeping the corpse that the DIY scene is on its feet, and they themselves suggested their records for uploading...

if only more bands like MONOZID wanted to be heard, and if only moar bands had relevance...
Well that's as good a wish as any for 2012...

Say hello to artificial grey CD/LP 2009
 01 Let's Shake Hands And Wonder
 02 Soundtrack Zur Frisur
 03 Stanislawa Popielska
 04 Property And Satisfaction
 05 Supergrau
 06 Alles Muss Fallen
 07 The Shape Of Us To Come
 08 Waiting For The Circus
 09 Noises In The Neighbourhood
 10 Zum Beispiel Gestern
 11 Du Bist Mein Mann, Sabrina
 12 XY
Split /w BOOTBLACKS 7” 2010
 01 Empire
 02 Tuxedo Tomcat
 03 shame of the nation
 04 turquoise fields burn brighter, honey

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