Dec 23, 2011

va - Selections From Excommunicated Monument 時の葬列 (1984 Jap dr)

i found this while lurking around in soulseek
some great deathrock tracks from various historic japanese gothic & dark punk bands

released from Sounds Marketing System in 1984 and re-released in 2002 from J-Factory.
this also exists  as "toki no souretsu" or "va japanese deathrock" or "japonese deathrock divers" or "va- during the funeral procession"

01.Auto-Mod - 時の葬列(toki no souretsu)
02.Sadie Sads - Glas Brugh
03.Madame Edwarda - Princess Reta
04.G-Schmitt - Kの葬列  (k no souretsou)
05.Sadie Sads - Pair Dog
06.G-Schmitt - Catholic
07.Madame Edwarda - Low
08.Auto-Mod - Wandering Child
madame edwarda - kanariya
madame edwarda - mekki


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