Feb 14, 2012

sixx - sister devil (2009 gothic rock)

This is a weird mix between post-rock and gothic rock.. Warning! More chillout than most of our uploads...:)
It was a side project of the black metal band VON from san francisco...If that gives it any more points...

01. Unnatural
02.Sister Devil
03.Between  the Dying
04.Black Ride
05.In The Circle
06.On The Dead
07.Is My Name


1 comment:

  1. I bought this when it was first re-released through Nuclear War Now. On one hand, I really enjoyed it and they come across as vastly more convincingly occult than other pretenders at the time, say Nosferatu or Two Witches for example. "In the Circle" is hypnotically good. On the other hand, the sound is very generic and I strongly suspect that Sixx was an attempt to jump on the Goth bandwagon at a time (1992) when there was still very little market for black metal in North America. Also needs to be mentioned that this is actually a re-mastered demo tape and the sound is often of less quality than what might be expected from a proper album.