Feb 27, 2012

The Kraneos - Dead or Alive (psychobilly Mex 2009)

This is great psychobilly, a brilliant mix of the old-school sound with the double bass up front, and the new closer-to-punk  sound...
The horror is strong with these ones....

You want better sound quality? Go buy their cd's :)

Until now the band has distributed to the independent EP 
“Spooky Tales From The Grave” recorded at the RedHouse studio in Mexicali,
 and they have their first album "Dead or Alive" recorded in LAM Studios,
that is out by BamBam Records."

01 before the sunrise
02 el malvado dr.acula
03 monster party
04 forget about rock
05 massacre de texas
06 the land beyond the woods
07 opressed society
08 keep fucking the world
09 vampira
10 claustrophobic love
11 red moon
12 - You'll Die By Tomorrow
13 - Plan 9
Dead Girl
Run Rudolph Run (from va - psychobilly christmas - 2008)


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