Mar 5, 2012

Προβολες Μαρτη

The adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert by Stephan Elliott (1994) 104 min.
That's just what this country needs: a cock in a frock on a rock.

Merry Christmass Mr. Lawrence by Nagisa Oshima (1983) 123 min.
Well I've tried the Manju, and I've tried the flowers, and I think the flowers taste better.

Crumb by Terry Zwigoff (1994) 119 min.
When I - what was it - about five or six? - I was sexually attracted to Bugs Bunny.

Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1991) 55 min.
The story of gay artist Tom of Finland featuring hundreds of vividly rendered portraits of male models.

Σημ.To "Crumb" αναβληθηκε εξ'ακολουθηση απο τον προηγουμενο μηνα λογω γενικων απεργιων και απανθρωπου κρύου.

Ελληνικου Υποτιτλοι
Τσαμπα ποπ κορν
Εισοδος Ελευθερη

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