Mar 9, 2012

Dark Souls Day - X-Lives (2010 Gr gothic rock)

These are Dark Souls Day..greek gothic rock from Thessaloniki,of "all the pretty little mutants" fame ..They have released their EP, and it's worth a listen, if you like your music dark with guitars!

And this what they have to say for themselves:

“X-Lives”, the debut album of the greek band Dark Souls Day, dovetails with all releases that were influenced by Post-Punk and Independent Music of the 80s and 90s. The album encloses 7 songs, which are worth to be dicovered and heard.

Dark Souls Day was founded in 2004 by the musicians Nikos and Pepi. Nikos, who’s been playing with some different bands in the past, devoted himself to music production owns a small home-studio, where already some albums originated. To instance just one of his most important productions: “No Land For Escape” by the band Laissez Faire.
Pepi writes lyrics and backs up the common band-project by her vocals. The songs “Electrify” and “No Time” both already could be heard in a movie named EKOSTRAKISMENOS (THE EXILED) by Nick Samaras (Crazy Greek Productions). The song “Dark Love” also will be captured on celluloid soon too, as it is going to be heard in Nick Samaras new movie “CONSPIRACY OF BLOOD”.
The album “X-Lives” was published in april 2010 on the Subexistance Productions label and now they will introduce it to a broad public by putting it up as a free download – licensed under Creative Commons – in collaboration with afmusic starting November 22nd 2010.

Νοw go see them play live somewhere, and stop complaining about your scene...

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