Mar 31, 2012

the crazed - desperate psycho (2009 gr psychobilly)

These are the first recordings of the horror psychobilly band from thessaloniki. Undertagged demos, the sound quality is much more than passable, and seeing that there is no repetition of these tracks in the official records that came out later on, this is a must hear for psychos or deathrockers alike. Strong douvle bass up front , wo noisy guitars one of them distorted and awsome vocals. Duly noted, these guys organized the successful ,more than 1000 people zombie walk "absolute evil - το απολυτο κακο"  this year in their hometown- search for vids.Stay sick crazed ones

 01 Eyes of Nowhere
02 Baby Please Surrender
03 Zombie Riot
 04 Restless (Johnny Kidd cover)
05 Doomsday Rock
06 Roadburn
07 It Was The World Against Us (never had a chance)
08 Kiss Eternal Life (record live 2004)

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