May 27, 2012

cemetery & blue cross (2011 dark punk/DR USA)

Now this is important. Pay attention because this is the newest "wave" of deathrock from the other side of the atlantic.. Just two representatives from a whole bunch of bands (alaric, cross stitched eyes, bestial mouths,belicose minds, arctic flowers, lost tribe,dystopian society...) this is a new sound- maybe a new revival, very diffeent from the cinema strange revival of the 00's...these guys don't bring on this elf- ish, falsetto vocal quality or the many riff switches in one track of  CS... The new (not nu hehehe ) d x r escena is closer to punk than ever - many of these bands are side projects of anarkopunk bands originally-  and they give a dark brooding desperate thing to it. I''d suggest listening to the cemetery demo first to understand this. So back to basics, guitar bass & drums, with the expert lo fi feel that characterises so many bands from the 10's- technology gave us the tools to work from home and we 're doing it to the maximum.
So give it a listen, support these bands if you like them, and keep in touch, i think there will be more uploads from this new dr american scene.

Blue Cross
Mass Hysteria (2011)   128 kbps
01 - blue cross - bring out your dead
02 - blue cross - calling combatants
03 - blue cross - time to die
04 - blue cross - disconnect
05 - blue cross - end up alone
06 - blue cross - mass hysteria
07 - blue cross - headstone
08 - blue cross - punishment

Cemetery DEMO 2011 192 kbps
01 Reptile Walk
02 Cask
03 Voices In The Ceiling
04 State Ward
05 Grave Dance
06 Voices In The Walls