May 15, 2012

Part 1 & 1919 (Dark Punk UK 1980s)

It's hard to find words to describe the music of your favorite bands. You feel like you ''ll do them injustice somehow...Anyway, these are two of the most known dark punk & anarko from the 80's. Well known i say...the truth is that outside Greece they are known, but greek punks seem to ignore their presence.Tracks have been inlcuded in the "return of the batcave" compilations, and you can find enough complete discographies in the blogosphere, but it cannot hurt to add these two along with the other deathrοck uploads here, they ll do each other great company.

Part 1 are very much like rudimentari peni, their singers were close pals as it seems, and their sound is just a little bit darker and slower. The themes remain pretty much the same, anti church, hp lovecraft-ian and horror. 1919 are again raw, more like ausgang so faster than part 1, they' ve practiced their bass postpunk riffs better, and are even more desperate...
Very much like our old mixtapes, these bands always go side by side for us, so we put them together.

Part 1 1985 Pictures Of Pain (320kbps Wma)
01 - Possessed
02 - Black Mass
03 - Pictures Of Pain
04 - The Corpse
05 - Incest
06 - Ghost
07 - Hymn

1919 The Complete Collection (256kbps VBR)
02-after the fall
04-tear down these walls
07-the hunted
08-the scream
10-the ritual
12-cry wolf
15-earth song
16-can this be real
17-midas touch
18-giant (original version)

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