Mar 22, 2013

ΑΣΗΜΙ (200? GR dark wave/folk)

I haven't seen this being upped anywhere, so we asked the singer/songwriter Nikos Sempekopoulos and he gave us permission to post this, his solo project. He was a member of the DROPS back in the 1990s, and for asimi he wrote all lyrics, plays guitar and sings by himself. Perfect falsettos, when unexpected and excellent lyric writing, while the guitar work never lets you get bored. To my ears, this is an equivalent to Nora Keyes and her dark haunted work as a solo artist, and it has much value musically. Very death-oriented, perfect for those small, misanthrope hours late at night or very early in the morning, on the first bus on the way to work.

Cheers 2 tumult!
Mp3 Quality 320kbps

01 Ασήμι
02 Ταυτότητα Αναγνώρισης Πτώματος
03 Κόψε Μια Τούφα Απ'τα Μαλλιά μου
04 Ο Κόσμος των Εμπνεύσεων
05 Μούμιες
06 Κορεσμός
07 Εμφύλια Ντροπή
08 Άννα
09 Φλογίτσα
10 Γαλάζια Έρημος
11 Στοιχειωμένα Χρόνια
12 Ίσως ναι, ίσως κι όχι
13 Ονειρικές υποσχέσεις
14 Το μουσείο
15 Βιτρίνα
16 Το πέπλο της αγάπης


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